Field Work Field Work Larval sampling in Upstate New York the tire pile! 93627315 Sagamanga Field site perfect for malaria vectors in Tanzania where I collaborate with IHI. 96673091 Recording mosquitoes in the field Recording tethered pairs of Ae. aegypti from wild populations in Mexico 133236422 fieldwork in Thailand Collaborators in Thailand on a nice break from field work! 133236423 Mosquito mating dance Looking to see what was swarming with Kija Ng'Habi and Heather Ferguson in the Kilombero Valley of Tanzania 133236424 Recording from swarms Recording from wild swarms of Ae. aegypti in Thailand 133236647 Sign from Georgetown Clinic, Chennai, India I don't know that these means, but it can't be good! 146625560 Field Team in Chennai 154945167 Shalu downloading data loggers 154945168 Mr. Sevenhill, Mr. Vergheese, Mr. K, Lauren Cator, Mrs. Rita 154945169