The Cator Lab

@ Imperial College London

Current Oppertunities

As positions become available I will list them here!


I will be listing any funded positions associated with specific grants here. 


I am co-supervising a project with Dr. Richard Gill and Prof. Austin Burt looking at the control and ecology of Aedes in the Maldives. The project is funded through the NERC Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet DTP and application are due January 8 2018. For more information on the project click here and for additional details on how to apply to the DTP click here. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please send application materials uto myself at [email protected] and Rich Gil at [email protected],


  1. Potential postdocs should contact me directly do discuss ideas and funding options.  
  2. Prospective PhD students should check out the NERC doctoral training partnership and the Imperial College London PhD Fellowships,  If you qualify these are also an option for funding. Imperial typically requires a Masters degree (usually a 1st) for admission to the PhD program, but they do make exceptions.
  3. Undergraduates interested in UROPs or other research placements should looking to their funding option and get in touch with me directly. 

In general, if you find the questions I'm asking interesting and are ready to get some work done, send me and email and let's discuss options for getting you on board. 

In general if you have questions about what my expectations are for working in the group. Please see Lab Expectations.